TYP 60 Development Status

TYP 60 Development Status

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Development Roadmap :-

Initial draft of Prototyp V1CompletedConcept draft to incorporate multiple blocker setup on a 60% board
Production of Prototyp V1Completed-
Testing and evaluation of Prototyp V1 (Private meet up and internal)CompletedLack of support on blockers where no alignment pin was added on this prototyp, slight case resonance on pingyness
Initial draft of Prototyp V2Completed-
Production of Prototyp V2CompletedIncluded Angelite blue to the setup to blend well with sandblasted stainless steel blockers/weight
Testing and evaluation of Prototyp V2 (internal)Completed
Better overall integrity. However, lack of support on mid alpha section of the plate. 
Hypothesis created that might be involve changing thickness of PCB from 1.2mm or 1.6mm and revise and redesign of support rib on plate to help coop with sound profile and flexibility of the board.
Introducing Typ 60 Geekhack page CompletedIC form created, overall good response and also raised issue in regards to design choice on HHKB/WK blockers. Induced Prototyp V3 to revise slight design choice and also included plate redesign at this phase.
Initial draft of Prototyp V3CompletedInclude Silver to the setup as additional color alongside Anglite Blue. Refreshed HHKB/WKL blocker and new plate design to put to test.
Production of Prototyp V3Completed-
Testing and evaluation of Prototyp V3 (Internal and SGMK Meetup 2023 hosted by Hex Keyboard and Dreamcore SG)CompletedOverall response was great, we reached the peak potential of the developing this board and ready to commission as production units. New blockers feedbacks were well received.
Production of GMK Mictlan Collab Prototyp V3 UnitsCompletedIntroduced our new collab with GMK Mictlan and prototyp units completed to be sent to Kneedeep and Vheissu for review and patina process. 
Preview of actual Prototyp V3 / GMK Mictlan PrototypPending
To structure sales date, pricing, number of kits, and included setup Pending Very soon :)

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