We are axiom studios, we love keyboards as much as you do and specialized in providing carbon fiber and acrylic cutting services for custom mechanical keyboards! Our motto is to provide uniquely reliable service to our fellow community at an affordable price.

For more information and discussion, please join our discord server below :-

@ Keebmunity https://discord.gg/fYndT2hnuT 
@ axiöm studios https://discord.gg/RQ5RxMS 

Here are the some answers to our frequently asked questions :-

1. Where are you guys from?

A: We are situated in the heart of Penang Island, Malaysia.

2. How is carbon fiber plate different from other material keyboard plate?

A: Carbon fiber plate has a balance between stiffness and sound profile. Usually carbon fiber plate would offer softer and clackier when bottom out and does not produce metal pings when compared to metal plates. Furthermore, it does offer better overall structure for tight flex cuts and offers in variety of thickness.

3. How do I submit my plate files? 

A: We have generalized each layout to their prefixed price, you may directly make a purchase and submit your plate file in the google form in the description. Otherwise, if you're not too sure which one you may send your files to me or Wilson to review. (Pepe#2222 / whyareyourunning | axiöm studios#2231)

4. How long does it take to ship? If i have bulk order how do i proceed?

A: Generally it will take roughly 3-4 weeks to be arrange and shipped. Our commission closed on a monthly basis hence do look out for the closing date. If you have bulk order or collabs please feel free to contact us!

5. What are your upcoming release and plans?

A: We been working on acrylic keyboard for almost a year now. We will be looking to provide fully cnc custom keyboard kit in near future.

6. I missed out your groupbuy or pre-order, how ah?

A: We will try to rerun or release previous sales from time to time but as for now we will keep you posted! *ask 8Ball*

7. Do you provide commission? 

A: Temporary we are working on a bigger project and we won't be providing any commission case service.

8. Is Wilson really a good cook? 

A: Yes he makes good food. *Chef kiss*

9. I saw there's AXM logo in one of your keyboard case?

A: That's our lead designer's initial, AM, 14x71 all the way fron Bali, Indonesia. <3

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