axiöm studios - TYP 65+
30th November - 14th December
9.00 a.m (MYT)
350 units FCFS

Typ 65+ Ultraman.jpg 

Typ 65+'s design was inspired from the JER mini layout with a functional blocker and accommodating a cherry front lip design which result in a classic minimalist case and mounting system. This board features both top mount and gasket mount configuration to suit your needs. The blocker can function as a layer indicator with LED soldered on or use with a brass badge insert for that clean look. - 14x71, Lead Designer.

Color overviews


Garnet Red 


Spinel Grey


Nephrite Jade

1. Options :- 

There are plenty of combination to choose from which mainly comprises of choosing top and bottom case color, hotswap/solder pcb, full/half twill carbon fiber plate.

The available colors for top and bottom case includes :-

Top Case Color 
Bottom Case Color
Nephrite Jade
Spinel Grey
Garnet Red

Each standard kit also includes :-

  • Top and bottom case
  • Brass weight 
  • Brass and Polycarbonate blockers 
  • Twill carbon fiber plate (Full -or- Half) 
  • Typ 65+ PCB by Kopibeng (Solder -or- Hotswap) 
  • Accessories (Bumpons, screws, gasket and etc.) 
  • Custom hard carrying case

2. Pricing :- 

Each kit will come standard with the choice of your PCB as below :- 

Standard kitting with PCB
RM (Malaysian Ringgit)
Solder PCB 
Hotswap PCB

Pricing for optional extras :- 

RM (Malaysian Ringgit)
FR4 (Full/Half) 
Twill Carbon Fiber Plate (Full/Half)
Hotswap PCB (Fixed Layout)
Solder PCB

3. Sales method :-

Number of units : 350 units (First come first served)

  • ETA: Q3 2022 
  • Payment method: Stripe (Debit/Credit Card) - No Paypal, No Apple Pay, No Shoppay / Local bank transfer (Malaysian Bank Account Only)
  • 1st invoice to secure slots, 2nd invoice to choose kitting combinations and optional extras.

Comprehensive explaination as below how whole sales will run on our website during the day:-

The first invoice (secure GB slot):

  • This is a group buy slot for Typ 65+ on FCFS basis (Limited to 350 units).
  • For this invoice user just need to buy this slot "Typ 65+ Standard Kit Slot" at the base price of MYR 1640 and checkout (solder pcb price, upgrade to hotswap on second invoice if needed).
  • One unit per invoice, order with more than 1 unit will be cancelled
  • Selection for colors, PCB, plate layout and optional extras will be happen on the 2nd invoice where shipping will be charged.

The second invoice (color selection, extras and shipping):

  • This is for color selection and kit configuration for those who acquired Typ 65+ slots which will be open after the Typ 65+ slot GB ended.
  • Once your slot is secured, you can choose color, plate option and pcb option on "Typ 65+ Color Selection".
  • For optional extras, please make sure you add them on "Extras for Typ 65+" and check out together with "Typ 65+ Color Selection" in ONE INVOICE.
  • Please refrain from placing order if you do not have slot invoice (first invoice) else orders will be cancelled minus fees.
  • Please use the same account to check out the color selection and optional extras order as the GB slot order.
  • If different account has been used, we will automatically cancel your slot as we are unable to trace back to the original order.
  • Shipping will be calculated here as well.

4. Layouts :-


5. Quality Expectations :-

As we strive to provide the best possible experience with the products we offered in our store, there may be few aspects that are unavoidable during the manufacturing process.

Hence, we have set a standard of expectation as below :- 

  • No scratch, blemishes, pitting or any visual defects on the exposed portion of the keyboard after fully assembled.
  • Machining marks, anodization hook or scratches may be present on the interior of the keyboard / unexposed portion of the keyboard. 
  • All brass weight are sandblasted and applied with clear coat. Oxidation may occur as part of the nature which we cannot control. 

All sales are final otherwised stated. Please note that your purchase agrees with the quality expectations that has been set out by axiom studios LLP.

6. Typing Test / Build Streams / Archives :-

Lightning XI Build Stream / Typing Test

Jae from Prototyping Build Stream

iamELVN Typing Test (Different Mounting / Keycaps Choices)

Our Prototype V1 Typing Test

vyron_ Twitch Build Typing Test 

6. IC/GB Information Pages :-

IC Page 

GB Page

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