MCO 3.0: For more info please refer to our recent updates! *All price are published and charged in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)*

Please refer to the below update or any further development of our current project lineup. 

Current status update for the date up till: 23/08/2021 

Project alais R2 

  • Pending for new supplies of acrylic to come in, hopefully we could get it all sorted out by mid/end of September.

Commission carbon fiber plate

  • Batch 19/07 batch will be shipped out by this Wednesday (25/08)
  • Our commission will be closed till further notice as for now.

Typ 65+

  • 2nd run prototype completed, on the way to our warehouse and we will be showcase them in stream probably during 1st week of August.
  • Testing more variant of gasket options, and we have few collab works in the work too.

Marshmallow switches

  • Estimated being slightly pushed back to September. 
  • Currently being QC-ed and pending to be shipped from ThickThock
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