Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLCY (Updated 02 Aug 2022)

Aforementioned privacy policy shall therefore pertain to how your personal information is collected , used and shared should the you (user) visit and/or make a purchase from (to be referred to as “Site/the Site henceforth).

axiomstudios shall prioritize the privacy and rights of each and every customer. All information obtained shall only be used towards order fulfillment & logistical purposes in regards to placed orders. Measures have been taken to keep personal information of our clients & customers private and confidential and sharing of information shall be limited and avoided unless the deemed necessary primarily to ensure fulfillment of your orders.

We hereby assure you that information collected by the site shall not be used for any marketing purposes or sold to third parties for any reason whatsoever.

axiomstudios reserves the right and privilege to modify/alter/change or remove portions on the subject of the privacy policy at any time without prior notice.

The privacy policy shall be concurrent with any/other terms and conditions applicable to the use of the site.

Conditions that are in conflict and only in conflict with any other terms on the site shall be treated on a case by case basis scenario.


User’s that visit the Site will have their personal information collected automatically which will(may) contain information as stated below but not limited to ;-

  • Device info
  • Web Browser
  • IP Address
  • Time zone
  • Cookies

Continuous browsing of the site may incur additional information gathering in regards to individual web pages or specific products , search terms and information related to browsing before on the Site .
Automated information gathering will be collectively known as “Device information”

Of which is obtained from multiple sources.

Cookies (which can be disabled , please do obtain the required information from the web)

Log files (used to track actions inclusive of the bullet point information as above)

Web Beacons , Tags , Pixels , (Electronic files to record information browsing behaviour)

Both “Device Information” & “Order Information” stated in the policy shall be used synonymously as “Personal Information” Henceforth referred to as “Information” for the remainder of the policy


Collected information shall be used at any time and need for order fulfillment through the site which includes aforementioned but not limited to and inclusive of payment information , logistics(shipping) , documentation (invoices/PO/DO etc).

Information shall also be used when deemed necessary for

  • Direct communication with the customer (as per the details from Information)
  • Screening for potential risks/fraud
  • Based on preferences gathered from Information , future adverstising , ongoing/upcoming promotions and sales in regards to our products and services may/shall be shared with the User

Corollary to aforementioned , Information shall be prioritized to reduce and minimize the risk of fraud/scams , abusive or belligerent behaviour towards the team at axiomstudios or admin(s).

To further elaborate , information shall also be used to to obtain and analyse data on users to the site to  better improve and provide future marketing/advertising material.


Information may/shall be shared with third parties for better improvement and understanding of users .

”Information to be shared with Shopify which in return provides us with analytics on user browsing behaviour and/or frequented product/services”

Information stored/collected by us will also be subject to all applicable laws and regulations as required by the state or country should the need to share said Information arise.


Information placed at checkout shall be saved for further use unless user requests deletion of said information.


In accordance to “Privacy  Policy Para 3”

We reserve the right and privilege to modify/alter/change or remove portions of the policy should the need arise in accordance with business practices or other legal , operational or regulatory reasons.


Should User require more information in accordance the policy , you can reach out to us through contact form.