TYP 60 Development Status

TYP 60 Development Status

Project ended and fulfilled 

Important announcement :-

We have some bad news to share on the project itself. All cases has been sent back to rework due to micro machining marks appeared on the same spot on the exterior case (0.5mm in size) and it will further delay the sales date by another month or so.

Rest of the parts are all completed and sitting in warehouse so we can work on prepacking them first. Initial units will be sent out to reviewers soon and we will make a separate announcement for it and their dates.

For more information in-stock sales information please refer to the link below :-


 TYP 60 (Last updated: 5 May 2023) :-

Estimated shipping period: Q1 2023 In-stock sales (April)

Part list Process
Aluminum case Ready
SS weight Ready
SS blockers Ready
PCB (Solder) Ready
Carrying case Ready
Screws and misc Ready
Carbon fiber plate Ready
FR4 plate Ready
Packing box and materials Ready

Development Roadmap :-

Prototyp V1
  • Concept draft to incorporate multiple blocker setup on a 60% board. / Completed
  • Proven of concept and lacking of internal weight to create a balance acoustic.¬†
Prototyp V2
  • Revise color to Angelite Blue.
  • Blockers added alignment pins to cop with it sitting flush against the case.
  • Added weight on the back to create more balance typing experience.¬†
  • Added Geon 60% feet
  • Tested 1.2mm pcb with full slit cut plate¬†
Prototyp V3
  • Added color Titanium Silver¬†
  • Prototyp for GMK Mictlan Collab, Kneedeep patina weight completed
  • Rework on Geon 60% feet's alignment
  • Tested 1.6mm pcb with full slit cut plate¬†
  • Test CF plate with rib support to coop with bounciness on "B" key.
Prototyp V4
  • Rework on internal machining tolerance.
  • Rework on plate files and minor blocker chamfer adjustment

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