TYP 60 Development Status

TYP 60 Development Status

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 TYP 60 (Last updated: 9 Nov 2022) :-

Estimated shipping period: Q1 2023 In-stock sales (Jan/Feb)

Part list Process
Aluminum case Machining completed - Anode queue
SS weight Machining completed - Anode queue
SS blockers Machining completed - Anode queue
PCB (Solder) Pending order placement
Carrying case Manufacturing
Screws and misc Ready
Carbon fiber plate Manufacturing
FR4 plate Pending order placement
Packing box and materials Ready

Development Roadmap :-

Prototyp V1
  • Concept draft to incorporate multiple blocker setup on a 60% board. / Completed
  • Proven of concept and lacking of internal weight to create a balance acoustic. 
Prototyp V2
  • Revise color to Angelite Blue.
  • Blockers added alignment pins to cop with it sitting flush against the case.
  • Added weight on the back to create more balance typing experience. 
  • Added Geon 60% feet
  • Tested 1.2mm pcb with full slit cut plate 
Prototyp V3
  • Added color Titanium Silver 
  • Prototyp for GMK Mictlan Collab, Kneedeep patina weight completed
  • Rework on Geon 60% feet's alignment
  • Tested 1.6mm pcb with full slit cut plate 
  • Test CF plate with rib support to coop with bounciness on "B" key.
Prototyp V4
  • Rework on internal machining tolerance.

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